Key Information

Key Information

What is the Flying High Trust?

The Flying High Trust is a primary schools’ multi-academy trust which was founded in June 2012 on the success of the Cotgrave Candleby Lane Primary School (the original trust member).

The ethos behind the Trust is one of sustainable school improvement; and schools joining the Trust do so with the prime aim of improving each other so that they can all become outstanding schools.

All schools within the Trust have access to the professional expertise and development opportunities offered by the Candleby Lane Teaching School Alliance which comprises over 40 primary schools. This ever growing alliance also ensures that Trust partners have access to bespoke leadership development opportunities, as the alliance has been awarded the National College licence for leadership programme delivery across the East Midlands.

We will support school improvement and develop school leadership.

The Flying High Trust is supported by Candleby Lane Teaching School. The Teaching School consists of a growing group of over 40 high performing schools along with Nottingham Trent University.

The aim of The Teaching School is to support schools within and beyond the alliance to improve.

icon School Improvement

The Teaching School Alliance supports school improvement through the brokering of resources from across the alliance. This resource includes the expertise of National Leaders of Education, Local Leaders of Educations, Specialist Leaders of Education and National Leaders of Governance.

icon Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

The Teaching School is committed to school led initial Teacher Training with support from Nottingham Trent University. The Teaching School Alliance is a School Direct provider, recruiting and developing some of the best aspirant teachers available. The aim is to find the best new teachers with wide ranging experience to support and improve all schools within and beyond the alliance.

icon Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Teaching School Alliance provides a comprehensive programme of professional development. Informal CPD opportunities are made available across the alliance and Trust, through the expertise of specialist staff. In addition, NETS, provides formal CPD facilitated by the best quality consultants and accredited facilitators. It is our aim to provide all staff within the trust with the professional development to fulfil their potential.

icon Leadership

We aim to identify, support and develop current and aspirant school leaders. The Teaching School has been awarded the licence to deliver all National College Leadership programmes through This provides opportunities to develop identified leaders from across the Trust, and ensure all schools have access to the best school leaders.

icon Research and Development (R&D)

Working with Nottingham Trent University to constantly learn, reflect and investigate positive strategies to impact on children’s learning.

icon Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)

The designation of Specialist Leader is awarded to aspirant school leaders, or teachers who show talent in a particular subject. The Teaching School Alliance has a large group of SLEs available to be deployed into schools attached to the Flying High Trust with the aim of supporting school improvement. Specialists range from behaviour experts to those with experience in tracking and assessment. All areas of need are covered and the Teaching School continues to increase the number of SLEs it has, thus increasing capacity and impact.

icon Local Leaders of Education (LLE)

Headteachers of successful schools who have a strong track record for supporting and improving schools other than their own are accredited as a Local Leader of Education. The Teaching School has a large number of LLEs to deploy into Flying High Trust schools to support, challenge and empower.

The Teaching School will be available to offer further support to all schools attached to The Flying High Trust through a wide range of expertise, nurture and challenge, as well as identifying and developing talent within those schools. Flying High Trust children will have the very best educational provision, experience and challenge available, ensuring all will maximise their potential.

The Trust offers the following support to schools:

Conversion support

Schools joining the Trust will be supported through the conversion process by the Trust’s Director of Business and Finance, and the Trust’s Project Manager.

School improvement and review

Schools in the Trust can access the following support for school improvement:

  • Self-evaluation health check including: analysis and evaluation of whole-school approaches to self-evaluation; support for action planning; and identification of impact measures
  • Termly data and progress review supported by the Director of School Improvement and Quality Assurance
  • Impact Team development – leaders and aspirant leaders working across the Trust to analyse and identify priorities for school improvement
  • Support and training for governors
  • Headteacher Performance Management including review and setting of targets, and monitoring achievement
  • Leadership development for staff through the Trust and the Candleby Lane Teaching School Alliance.
  • Professional development opportunities for all staff through the Trust and the Teaching School Alliance.

Finance management

Finance and Business Managers receive support from the Director of Business and Finance, and work together as a group to develop and share practice. Schools in the Trust use a common finance management system. The Trust is responsible for ensuring that schools meet the requirements for the annual accounts.

Economies of scale

As the Trust grows schools will increasingly enjoy the benefits of collective contracts eg for payroll, legal support, HR and insurance.

Joint policy development

While the Trust does not seek to impose central policies on schools, there have to be some policies which are common across the Trust eg pay policy. These have been developed jointly through discussion within the Strategic Heads Group and with staff. Such common policy development also saves individual schools from having to ‘re-invent the wheel’ when statutory policies need reviewing or updating.

Opportunity to be part of growing and developing the Trust

Through the Strategic Heads Group and representatives on the Board of Directors, schools within the Trust have the opportunity to shape and grow the Trust.