Welcome to our new schools – Horsendale and Killisick Junior!

Welcome to our new schools – Horsendale and Killisick Junior! A warm welcome to Horsendale Primary School and Killisick Junior School who joined the Trust 1 November 2016. Each school brings its unique experiences, expertise and skills whilst at the same time sharing the ethos, vision and values of schools across our partnership. Karen Jagger, Headteacher of Horsendale said, “Joining the Trust will provide the support, challenge and outstanding CPD we need to ensure we continue to provide the best experiences for our children within a kind, caring and challenging environment.” Sarah Page, Headteacher at Horsendale added, “We have always placed a high value in working with other schools. Knowing we are joining like-minded schools, facing challenges together and ensuring the best practice we have as a group of schools is shared across all is incredibly exciting and something our community has really embraced. We are proud of our school and knowing we will be supported in our ongoing development by the Trust and all schools, as well as contributing our fantastic practice has really re-invigorated all associated with our school.”